Andrew George Thomas, PhD.

Recent News

29/05/2018 - New Encyclopedia entry coming soon
Andrew has been invited to write a section on mating behaviour for Todd Shackelford and Viviana Weekes-Shackelford's Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science. The section describes the phenomenon whereby mate standards (particularly male) drop in short-term, relative to long-term, mating contexts.

18/05/2018 - Coming soon: Steve’s second book, The Ape That Understood the Universe
Andrew' PhD supervisor Dr Steve Stewart-Williams has a new book coming soon. Some prominant academics, who have been given a first look, have some promising things to say! The book can be pre-ordered here (US) or here (UK):

“An eloquent and elegant exploration of human nature in the light of evolution, illuminating many modern social and political dilemmas.”
-Matt Ridley, author of ‘The Red Queen’ and ‘Nature via Nurture’

“A twenty-first-century successor to The Selfish Gene.”
-Lance Workman, co-author of ‘Evolutionary Psychology: An Introduction’

“Stewart-Williams is an exceptionally good writer, a witty and learned guide through challenging but exciting terrain… Read this book for its literary grace, and learn along the way why you are an ape that can understand the universe.”
-Todd Shackelford, Oakland University

26/01/2018 - Research on flexible mating strategies? It's about TIME
Andrew and Steve's latest research article has been picked up by over 30 media outlets, including TIME magazine:

22/01/2018 - Let's have a conversation about mating strategies
Andrew has written a new piece for The Conversation based on his recent article Mating strategy flexibility in the laboratory: Preferences for long- and short-term mating change in response to evolutionarily relevant variables. The piece is an accessible introduction to the idea that humans hold separate preferences for both long- and short-term relationships, and that these preferences can be experimentally manipulated.

20/10/2017 - Mating Flexibility in the Laboratory
Andrew and Steve's latest article has recently been published in Evolution and Human Behavior. The article presents three experiments which demonstrate that short-term and long-term mating preferences can be affected by exposure to the evolutionarily relevant cues (e.g. parental care, resource abundance, and danger.)

03/12/2016 - Our Research Covered in Broadly
Broadly has an excellent writeup of our recent research on the sexual double standard and how people's sexual history affects their attractiveness.

11/11/2016 - Our Research Covered in Discover Magazine
Discover magazine has a brief piece our new article, "Sexual History and Present Attractiveness: People Want a Mate with a Bit of a Past, But Not Too Much."

03/11/2016 - New Paper on How Sexual History Affects People's Attractiveness
Our paper "Sexual History and Present Attractiveness: People Want a Mate with a Bit of a Past, But Not Too Much," is now in print.

25/08/2016 - New Paper on Testosterone and Hand-Grip Strength in Men
Our paper, "Is salivary cortisol moderating the relationship between salivary testosterone and hand-grip strength in healthy men?" is now in print.