Andrew George Thomas, PhD.

Recent News

21/07/2021 - Sexy Beasts: Will covering the face increase dating prospects?

Andrew was recently interviewed by The Guardian about Netflix's new TV show "Sexy Beasts". The show, which is a spin on the traditional "blind date" format sees young couples donning elaborate animal prosthetics to hide their face. You can read the interview here.

Inspired by the interview and show, Andrew elaborates on a few of the points made (a directors cut of the interview?) on a new Psychology Today post on his Darwin Does Dating blog: Animal Masks Probably Don’t Make for Better Dating Decisions.

06/07/2021 - Unpicking courtship disorders

Andrew's new article "Sex Differences in Voyeuristic and Exhibitionistic Interests: Exploring the Mediating Roles of Sociosexuality and Sexual Compulsivity from an Evolutionary Perspective" has now been published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour. The article is open sourced and can be accessed here.

01/07/2021 - More articles on the way!

Two new articles have been accepted for publication and are officially coming soon! The first investigates the relationship between sociosexuality and voyeurism/exhibitionism and will be published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. The second presents the findings of a large multi-lab study on the effectiveness of reappraisal strategies when coping with the negative emotions caused by COVID-19. That article will be published in Nature Human Behavior.

15/06/2021 - Recent research publications

It has been a productive six months for the Thomas lab with three recent publications coming online.

First, Current Fertility Status Does Not Predict Sociosexual Attitudes and Desires in Normally Ovulating Women in Evolutionary Psychology (Open source!) presents cross-sectional research that raises questions about the relationship between fertility status and the desire for short-term sex (sociosexuality) in women.

Second, Modest Exercise-Induced Increases in Testosterone Concentration Are Not Associated with Mating Strategy Change in Healthy Young Men in Evolutionary Psychological Science (Open source!) finds that a modest increase in testosterone level, similar to that experienced during an exercise session, is not enough to affect relationship preferences.

Finally, Reasons of Singles for Being Single: Evidence from Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, India, Japan and the UK in Cross-Cultural Research uses a large international sample to examine whether the reasons for being single (e.g., percieved inability to attract partners, holding off for the "right person") are fairly similar across cultures. (It seems so!)

30/11/2020 - New article in Evolutionary Psychology

Dr Thomas' new article "Current fertility status does not predict sociosexual attitudes and desires in normally ovulating women" has been accepted for publication in Evolutionary Psychology. The article contributes to the current debate in evolutionary psychology about the existence of ovulatory shifts in the mating preferences of women.

12/06/2020 - Fancy dating Darwin?

Dr Thomas has launched a new twitter account "Darwin Does Dating" (@DarwinDating). It's purpose - to bring relationship research to the people. (With added insights from evolutionary psychology!)

01/06/2020 - New research from WEPN: How do the sexes react to news of sex differences?

Do men look upon sex-difference research more favourably if it's conclusions paint men in a better light than women? Dr Thomas latest manuscript Reactions to male-favouring vs. female-favouring sex differences: A Preregistered Experiment and Southeast Asian Replication. Has just been accepted in the British Journal of Psychology. You can a pre-print of the article here.