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Blog and Media

Andrew regularly engages with non-academic audiences through X, his blog, podcasts, and TV/Newspaper interviews. If you would like to interview Andrew or have a media enquiry, then please contact him here.

Darwin Does Dating blog

How many past sexual partners are "too many"? Can an evolutionary lens reveal the secrets of a healthy love life? Andrew attemps to answer these questions and more on his popular monthly blog Darwin Does Dating. The blog is currently hosted on Psychology Today and has had in excess of 500,000 reads. You can find some of Andrew's most popular articles below:

Media and Podcast Interviews

Andrew is a regular podcaster and media interviewee. He is regularly contacted by journalists in relation to his work and to give his expert opinion on a host of topics related to sex and relationships, including TIME magazine and the BBC. Below you can find a recent example of one of Andrew's podcasts.

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