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Dr Andrew G. Thomas has established himself as a prominent researcher in the field of evolutionary psychology, with a primary focus on the intricate aspects of human mating behavior. Through a series of empirical investigations and cross-cultural studies, he has contributed significantly to our understanding of mate preferences, sexual psychology, and the impact of evolutionary factors on these phenomena.

Notably, Andrew's work has placed a particular emphasis on the exploration of problematic mating behaviors. His studies on sexual double standards, partner suitability appraisals, and the psychology of involuntary celibacy (incels) shed light on the complexities of contemporary mating dynamics. By delving into these issues, Andrew addresses critical societal discussions surrounding sex, sexual attitudes, and relationships.

His research is characterized by a thoughtful blend of methodologies, incorporating experiments, cross-cultural comparisons, and secondary analysis of big data. This methodological diversity allows Dr Thomas to tackle research questions from multiple angles, providing a comprehensive view of the intricate interplay between evolutionary influences and modern mating behaviors.

Andrew's collaborations with renowned scholars in the field underscore his commitment to advancing the understanding of evolutionary psychology. By examining the effects of sex differences, sociosexuality, and individual histories on mating preferences, his work offers valuable insights into the nuances of human behavior, contributing significantly to both academic discourse and broader societal conversations.

Prospective research students

Andrew is currently available for PhD and MSc by Research supervision at Swansea University, UK. When available, fully funded studentships will be advertised on Twitter and the (Swansea University website). Students who would like to self-fund or have external scholarships/studentships should contact Andrew directly.

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Below are a select list of references. You can find all of Andrew's work by visiting his Google Scholar page.

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