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Speaking, Consultancy, and Training Services

Drawing upon his extensive research knowledge on sex, mate preferences, and relationships, Dr Andrew G. Thomas offers dynamic public speaking engagements and tailored training sessions for professionals and the public alike.

Tailored Training Sessions for Professionals

Dr Thomas's expertise extends to conducting bespoke training/CPD sessions for national govenment and mental health professionals (e.g., NHS) in both the UK and the USA. These sessions address critical issues such as the contemporary mating crisis, sexual harassment, and the challenges of singlehood. Contact Andrew here to discuss training sessions for organisation.

An example - the incel community

Many mental health professionals find themselves unprepared to work with service users from the incel (involuntary celibate) community. Andrew has provided academically rigourous, evidence-based, and impartial introductions to psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists about the incel community, with a particular focus on dispelling myths/misunderstandings about these men, giving insight into the risk they pose to themselves and others, and preparing for forming theraputic alliances with them.

Enhancing Relationship Self-Awareness

In addition to his comprehensive training offerings, Dr Thomas will soon be launching an innovative program focused on relationship self-awareness. This program provides individuals with a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of their own attachment style, mate preferences, and strategies for navigating the challenges of modern dating.

Andrew's commitment to empowering individuals with knowledge about themselves and their relationships is exemplified through this groundbreaking program. By marrying scientific understanding with practical application, the relationship self-awareness training offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and the cultivation of meaningful connections.

If you're eager to embark on a journey of enhanced relationship self-awareness, you can join the waiting list for the upcoming programme by enquiring here.

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