Andrew George Thomas, PhD.

News from 2017-2018

26/01/2018 - Research on flexible mating strategies? It's about TIME
Andrew and Steve's latest research article has been picked up by over 30 media outlets, including TIME magazine:

22/01/2018 - Let's have a conversation about mating strategies
Andrew has written a new piece for The Conversation based on his recent article Mating strategy flexibility in the laboratory: Preferences for long- and short-term mating change in response to evolutionarily relevant variables. The piece is an accessible introduction to the idea that humans hold separate preferences for both long- and short-term relationships, and that these preferences can be experimentally manipulated.

20/10/2017 - Mating Flexibility in the Laboratory
Andrew and Steve's latest article has recently been published in Evolution and Human Behavior. The article presents three experiments which demonstrate that short-term and long-term mating preferences can be affected by exposure to the evolutionarily relevant cues (e.g. parental care, resource abundance, and danger.)