Andrew George Thomas, PhD.

News from 2019-2020

30/11/2020 - New article in Evolutionary Psychology

Dr Thomas' new article "Current fertility status does not predict sociosexual attitudes and desires in normally ovulating women" has been accepted for publication in Evolutionary Psychology. The article contributes to the current debate in evolutionary psychology about the existence of ovulatory shifts in the mating preferences of women.

12/06/2020 - Fancy dating Darwin?

Dr Thomas has launched a new twitter account "Darwin Does Dating" (@DarwinDating). It's purpose - to bring relationship research to the people. (With added insights from evolutionary psychology!)

01/06/2020 - New research from WEPN: How do the sexes react to news of sex differences?

Do men look upon sex-difference research more favourably if it's conclusions paint men in a better light than women? Dr Thomas latest manuscript Reactions to male-favouring vs. female-favouring sex differences: A Preregistered Experiment and Southeast Asian Replication. Has just been accepted in the British Journal of Psychology. You can a pre-print of the article here.

13/10/2019 - Mate preference priorities in the media

Andrew's recent work on mate preference priorities has been picked up by over 30 media outlets, including TIME magazine:

08/09/2019 - Mate preferences priorities across the globe.

Andrew's recent research into the universal nature of mate preference prioritisation has been recently published in the Journal of Personality. The research (n = 2,477) considers what students from the UK, Norway, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore prioritise in a long-term partner. You can find it here.

08/06/2019 - Research on Singlehood

Andrew is currently running an online study into Singlehood along side Dr Menelaos Aspostolou (University of Nicosia) and Dr Jaiqing O (Aberystwyth University). The study aims to investigate the many reasons why are single and whether these differ cross-culturally. The questionnaire can be found here if you would like to participate.

01/06/2019 - Andrew at HBES

Andrew recently presented a conference paper at the 31st Annual Human Behavior & Evolution Society Conference in Boston, MA. The talk presented the results of Andrew's recent study entitled "East meets West in mate preferences, except when it doesn't: An international budget-allocation study." which is currently in the peer-review process.

16/03/2019 - WEPN launched
The offical website of the Welsh Evolutionary Psychology Network (WEPN) has been launched. WEPN is a research collaboration between evolutionary-minded psychologists currently working in Wales, United Kingdom.

26/02/2019 - How do fake reviews take hold?
Dr Thomas appeared on the BBC Wales show X-Ray. In the show, comedian Omar Hamdi investigated the undergroun trade in fake online reviews. Dr Thomas added his expertise on how fake reviews take advantage of weaknesses in human decision making.

01/01/2019 - Grant awarded for research into the evolutionary underpinnings of harassment
Dr Thomas has been awarded Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship (KESS) from the European Union (£14,587). The scholarship, which is partially funded by the Welsh Government, will be used to fund a MSc by Research student to develop a sexual harassment intervention grounded in evolutionary psychological theory. The research is being co-supervised by Prof. Jason Davies, Swansea University.