Andrew George Thomas, PhD.

Conference Papers

Thomas, A. G., Jonason, P. K., Blackburn, J. D., Kennair, L. E. O., Lowe, R., Malouff, J., Stewart-Williams, S., Sulikowski, D., & Li, N. P. (2019). East meets West in mate preferences, except when it doesn't: An international budget-allocation study. Paper presented at the 31st Annual Human Behavior & Evolution Society Conference, Boston, MA.

Thomas, A. G. (2017). Mating strategy flexibility in the laboratory: Preferences for long- and short-term mating change in response to evolutionarily relevant variables. The European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association Annual Conference, Paris, France.

Thomas, A. G. (2010). Walking the promiscuous path: can human mating strategies be manipulated? 25th Annual PsyPAG Conference, Sheffield, England.

Thomas, A. G. (2010). Utilising PHP for Psychology Experiments: Online programming languages as a solution to the specific demands of psychological research. 25th Annual ATSiP Conference, Swansea, Wales.

Thomas, A. G. (2009). Towards the experimental manipulation of human mating strategies. In R.S.S. Kramer (Chair), Evolutionary Psychology. Symposium conducted at the 24th Annual PsyPAG Conference, Cardiff, Wales.